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About Me

This is me, My name is Amber. You can call me Rylee though. This ia a picture of me from last year and I look back and see how many things have changed.

           This year I just started my freshmen year of High school and it has been amazing. The people I've met and the freinds I've made are amazing and I would not replace them for anything in the world!!! My brother is an amazing perosn and he is the one that chnaged me,this year.

         I know a lot of people say you cant be changed but you can be!! I'm telling you this as a fact and from personal experiance that you can!! I was changed on 3.17.09! That day was amazing.

       I'm 16 years old at the moment and there are a lot of things that have occured over the past few months. I will tell you more about them or just msg/email me. The most craziest things in life that you never thought that you woudl ahve to go through or face is apart of being a vampire!! Danger is everywhere!! People can smell your fear!! It's nothing I thought it would be but I'm still here and alive.

       Oh, . . .  .   .   .

                   the stories I have to share!!!